Chain Maille Wire Weaving: How to Make Chain Maille With Affordable Metals and Minimal Tools Amy Lange Author

Chain Maille Wire Weaving: How to Make Chain Maille With Affordable Metals and Minimal Tools Amy Lange Author
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How do you get started making chain maille, without constantly needing to mail order the supplies?Do you want to make chain maille, without spending money on expensive metals?Are you unable to make projects that you like, because your local supplier doesn’t have some of the materials?Are you looking for inspiration for your next wire jewelry project?Do you want to incorporate your own special touch to your projects?Are you stuck making jewelry that you find unexciting?With this book, you can learn how to use an ‘affordable metal’ to make chain maille, while keeping a sophisticated and trendy look.Inside this book you will discover:• The #1 low-price metal that a beginner should use to make her first chain maille• Why this low-price metal has a massive advantage over gold and sterling silver• The only type of jump rings you should buy for making chain maille• The only tools you need to start making chain maille• 8 beginner level patterns to kick start your journey• How to avoid wasting money while buying jump rings• 1 crucial step you need to take while starting chain maille• The weave that looks complicated but is actually simple to make• How to make your home-made jewelry look professional• How you can create different looks from the same weave• The best jump ring size any beginner should start with• One major mistake while choosing pliers that could ruin enameled or plated jump rings• One weave that looks like the scales of a dragon• The top 5 cheapest chain maille suppliers• An easy way to eliminate ring math for chain mailleThe patterns inside are designed to tickle your curiosity into trying them.But will you be able to find supplies for the designs at the local crafts store?Yes. I have designed this book to be centered around 1 specific metal, that is easily available in craft stores nearby.Getting supplies won’t be a problem.Every day that you delay is another day that you waste money buying precious metals to make designs you may or may not like.So if you want to start making chain maille, then take action and buy this book now!