Chakra Box Set: Chakras for Beginners Chakra Healing (Healing Series) Amy Maia Parker Author

Chakra Box Set: Chakras for Beginners Chakra Healing (Healing Series) Amy Maia Parker Author
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This 2-in-1 CHAKRA BOX SET holds in-depth knowledge on how to benefit from understanding Chakras.Book 1: CHAKRAS FOR BEGINNERSYou discover verified strategies on how to use your chakras at the optimum by unblocking those which are blocked. This book also will be able to assist in understanding why you react and handle details in your life the means of what you do. With being honest to yourself, you could achieve metamorphoses within you, not limited to being fit, yet to bringing out the best in you.Through the meditation methods, you can heal yourself and bring on these changes. Furthermore, it will guide you in such a way that you can prevent ailments, in whatever form, through the usage of the in-depth knowledge you will gain from reading this book. The advantage of studying your personal chakra structure stands aimed at your understanding a totality, consisting of a harmonious body, mind and spirit, that once all your bodily segments, corresponding to all your chakras, remain similarly collaborating and functioning within alliance of one another, you will experience slight, if not totally none, energy disorders.Book No 1 - Chakras for Beginners - includes: • Chakra basics • Chakra clearing methods and when it is needed • Steps in doing chakra meditation • Chakra balancing and healing, its need and benefits • The importance of yoga in the chakra systemBook No 2: CHAKRA HEALINGIn this book you learn how to clean and Balance Your Chakras.Chakra Healing is a practice that is intended to clean and balance your chakras and thus giving you a chance to live a revitalized lifestyle.This is a healing process which is intended to allow your positive chakras energy to take its place. After the healing process, you will be able to work properly and let go of any negativity in your life. Take the advantage of this Chakra Healing Guide to help you in: • Understanding the seven important chakras that you have within your body; • Understanding the importance of each and every chakra in your life; • Understanding how these chakras affect you when balanced and when blocked; • Understanding how to HEAL YOUR CHAKRAS when they are blocked.Living a healthy life requires you to have a clear mind, clean soul, revitalized body and positive emotions.Negative emotions not only affect you but also affect those people who are around you; we are living in a world where finances are essential for us to survive. People often find life-drawbacks when they become unsuccessful when trying to make ends meet. Without proper psychological plan and control over their chakras, they might end up being heartbroken by both life and those around them.There are very many benefits which you will get from this guide that will go unmentioned. By practicing the chakra healing processes on yourself and those people around you. You will be able to revive many “Souls”.The information which has been provided in this guide is easy to read and understand. All the details and steps have been vividly explained, and examples provided where necessary.Consider making your order as soon as possible, and you will never regret!