Change Of Address Rick Polad Author

Change Of Address Rick Polad Author
Categories: Beef Stew
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In his debut novel, Spencer Manning agrees to look for a little girl’s unknown father in exchange for beef stew and chocolate cake. His search quickly crosses paths with an open murder investigation in which Spencer’s client is a suspect. Spencer’s close relationship with the police give him an open door to information, and his sometimes-creative strategies bring insight the police would not otherwise have. A colorful cast of interesting characters add humor and intrigue and lead Spencer to the racetrack and the mayor’s house where all is not as it seems. When Spencer puts the clues together, the race is on to save a little girl’s life. Sprinkled with Chicago history, Change of Address will take you through Chicago neighborhoods, where despair and sadness dwell side by side with big money. The list of suspects will keep you guessing and wanting more Spencer Manning.