CHICKEN BREAST a cookbook Colin Simpson Author

CHICKEN BREAST a cookbook Colin Simpson Author
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This book features my favorite recipes that can be cooked in 30 minutes or less using boneless skinless chicken, healthy fresh ingredients and a skillet. These great tasting recipes are quick and easy, offering the perfect solution to busy families with simple, healthy alternatives to fast food restaurants .More than a third of American adults and approximately 17% of children are considered obese* and this figure is expected to continue to rise dramatically. Changing to healthier food alternatives, along with regular exercise, can help stop this worrying trend and prevent obesity-related health concerns such as heart disease, type-2 diabetes and stroke. Chicken is a wonderfully versatile and protein-enriched food with many health benefits. Cooked in lean form, chicken can help reduce the intake of solid fats while improving nutrient absorption. It can help lower cholesterol and improve metabolism for a healthy heart, it can aid in building muscles which in turn protects bones and its minerals can help boost the immune system. Best of all, chicken is cost effective and easy to prepare; from a hearty chicken soup in winter to a light summer salad; from a simple stir fry to a delicious cacciatore. Most recipes can be made in advance and frozen for added convenience. With a wide selection of tasty dishes for every occasion, chicken can become as popular in your house as it is in ours without ever being boring!