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Two of Americàs bestloved inspirational speakers Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen share the very best of their collected stories that have touched the hearts of millions of people. They bring you wit and wisdom, hope and empowerment to cheer you up through lifès dark moments. As after some illness we consume chicken soup to rejuvehate our body in the same way this chicken soup soothes your soul and fills it with hope, aspirations and inspirations. Whenever you wish to make a point, inspire a friend or teach a child, you will find just the right story in the these heart warming books. The magic of these runaway bestsellers is really helping people to change their attitude towards themselves and the world around. These books have captured the imagination of the readers with its uplifting message of hope and inspiration. Some of these stories have an ordinary message of hope and inspiration, some of these stories are of an ordinary person doing some extraordinary work, just through his will power, grit and desire to achieve something impossible. With timeless wisdom about learning, overcoming obstacles, love and family attitude each story offers touching and profound examples of human caring, compassion and love. These stories will stir your emotions, encourage you to raise your consciousness and reaffirm your commitment to live life to the fullest. On can keep a copy of any of these books at bedside and just read one or two stories every night before going to bed. One ca&ngrave;t stop pondering over these excellent, amazing real stories of human courage, perseverence etc. One can again and again read any story from any book at any time and it will definitely boost onès morale So nourish yourself and those you love with the gift of any or all the books of Chicken Soup for the Soul.‘ In India, still there are people who do&ngrave;t read English books though they have learnt the language as a subject. Studying in vernacular medium does not always create liking to love and read Engish books. But these people should not be deprived from such lovely English books, so this is my effort to translate these volumes (Vol. 1 and 3 already published and 4, 5, 6 are on the way) in one of the many Indian languages Marathi widely spoken in Maharashtra State. So far, I have got tremendous response from all over including from people living in same small villages in remote areas. They all convey their appreciation via phone, letters and umpteen emails. Many of them say that I have given them a amazing treasure box of the these stories which was hidden from them for all these years. It gives me a real sense of satisfaction. I will sincerely try to keep up the same standard of translation for other books too!