Chicken Soup with Chopsticks Jack Botwinik Author

Chicken Soup with Chopsticks Jack Botwinik Author
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Do you know someone who is in a Jewish-gentile relationship? Chicken Soup with Chopsticks depicts the theological challenges a Jew is confronted with in dating a Chinese woman, and how this experience leads them both to become religious Jews. This book is an invaluable resource in its lucid and frank musings on the many and varied issues that need to be addressed by the thoughtful Jew. says Rabbi Reuven Tradburks of Toronto’s rabbinical court for conversion. The story shows that a Jew, no matter how estranged he is from Judaism, nevertheless can return to his religious roots through serious questioning and fearless exploration of Truth. Many Jewish families have relatives and friends who inter-date and marry outside of the Jewish fold. Chicken Soup with Chopsticks is an important read for secular and religious Jews facing the challenges of inter-dating – whether themselves or someone they know and care about. Jack Botwinik provides some unique insights into Judaism as he looks at his faith heritage through the combined lenses of a secular Jew and a gentile, both on a search for Truth, states Audrey Dorsch, former Editor of Faith Today. His recounting of their sincere exploration of faith, leading them both to become observant Jews, makes for interesting and thought-provoking reading. Is it wrong for a Jew to date a gentile? Thousands of Jews struggle with this question every day. Botwinik was one of them.