Chinese Cooking - Our Legacy: Chinese Comfort Food Recipes Cawc Cookbook Author

Chinese Cooking - Our Legacy: Chinese Comfort Food Recipes Cawc Cookbook Author
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Chinese Cooking Our Legacy Have you had your rice today? is a polite phrase often heard when friends meet. I wish I had learned how my mom prepared Chinese style beef stew (ngow nom)! Making JOOK in the crock pot is so easy! FOOD is an integral part of most cultures but it is of prime importance for the Chinese. It is the link to our past as well as a legacy for future generations, preserving a primary element in the richness of our cultural heritage. Over 40 years ago, the Chinese American Women’s Club of Santa Clara County (CAWC) produced its first cookbook, Chinese Cooking Our Way. It was a compilation of favorite recipes, collected from our personal kitchens, as a gift to our children. Thousands of copies were sold, far and wide, confirming the acceptance of and the need for easy-to-prepare dishes in the busy household. Chinese Cooking Our Legacy, our second cookbook, was developed 25 years later. Many of the original recipes were included in this expanded book totaling over 400 recipes. Newer methods of Chinese cooking were adapted for the western kitchen, utilizing the microwave and slow cooker, for example. Your enjoyment of the recipes from our cookbook will be mutually rewarding. It will enable CAWC, a non-profit organization of over 50 years, to continue its service to the community as well as maintain its efforts in to preserve our Chinese heritage. We hope you have had your rice today!! E. Yue CAWC Cookbook Coordinator Available on Any question, contact us at