Chinese Style Cooking 99 Great Recipes Sara Gibson Author

Chinese Style Cooking 99 Great Recipes Sara Gibson Author
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Table of ContentsAlmond ChickenAlmond CookiesAsparagus and Sesame Chicken Soup Assorted Vegetables in a Clear Sauce Authentic Fried Rice Barbecued Lamb on SkewersBasic Won TonBeef With BroccoliBean Curd with Oyster SauceBeef Chow MeinBok Choy with White PorkBraised Chicken DrumsticksBraised Chinese CabbageBraised Lion.s Head in a Sandy PotBroccoli with Garlic SauceButterfly Shrimp with SnowpeasCashew ChickenCashew Nut PrawnsChicken Chow Mein CasseroleChicken Harvest Stir-fryChicken and Lotus Seed SoupChicken in Plum SauceChicken Foo YungChinese Barbecue Sauce Chinese Barbecued SpareribsChinese CabbageChinese Chicken Wing DrumsticksChinese ColeslawChinese Fire PotChinese Fried RiceChinese Fortune CookiesChinese New Year’s CookiesChinese Mapo TofuChinese Mixed Vegetables Chinese Pot RoastChinese TenderloinClear Fish SoupCrab RangoonCrunchy Bean Sprouts with BeefCurried Chicken Spring RollsEgg Drop SoupEgg Flower SoupEggplant with Spicy MeatEgg RollsFoil Wrapped Chicken (appetizers) Four Kinds of Steamed VegetablesFried Garlic Chicken RecipeFun See ChickenGarlic ChickenHot & Sour SoupHoney Sponge CakeKung Pao BeefKung Pao ChickenLamb Slivers in Pungent SauceLamb Soup PotLemon Chicken.Lo MeinMixed Fruits with Grass JellyOnion CakesPaper PrawnsPrawns Hunan StyleRice Sticks with VegetablesSalmon Steak with Cloud Ears and NoodlesSalt Baked ChickenSesame BeefShangyi ShrimpShredded Pork with Yu Shon SauceShrimp ChipsShrimp with Hot SauceShrimp in Lobster SauceSingapore Fried NoodlesSour Soup with Rice NoodlesSpicy Pork Strips with Black FungusSteamed Honey PearsSteamed Pork DumplingsSteamed Pungent Cod with CabbageSteamed Translucent DumplingsSteamed Whole FishStir Fried Vegetables with Bean CurdStir Fried Snow PeasSugared WalnutsSweet Almond Pudding with DatesSweet and Pungent Lotus Root with PorkSweet & Sour SauceSzechuan chickenSzechuan NoodlesSzechwan Chicken and Cashews Szechwan Eggplant and TofuSzechwan Noodles with Green OnionsTeriyaki Three Flavors SoupTofu TrianglesTomato BeefTwice Cooked Pork with Spicy VegetablesVegetables Lo MeinVelvet Corn SoupWheat Starch Wrappers for DumplingsWined Fish Chunks in BrothWon TonsWon Ton in Oyster Sauce