Christmas Redemption Edie Ramer Author

Christmas Redemption Edie Ramer Author
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Everyone has a secret…Someone attempted to kill Sylvia last Christmas, but she doesn’t expect it to happen again. She’s heard about the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde from Michigan, but the thrill-seeking murderers have kept to their native state, and Sylvia has other concerns.The freezing, starving, and frightened cat she found in her garage.Two couples snowed in the bed-and-breakfast are giving Sylvia and her college professor/screenwriter boyfriend odd vibrations.And then there are Sylvia’s past misdeeds. She’d like to tell the man she loves the truth about herself … but some people can’t take the truth..And some secrets can be deadly…**Christmas Redemption, Love & Murder Book 5, is a novella. Though it has characters from the previous books, like all the books in the series, it stands alone.