Chroma: Light Being Human Denele Campbell Author

Chroma: Light Being Human Denele Campbell Author
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Brand: Denele Campbell
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An unexpected world of physical existence unfolds as the Light Being B4 Indigo explores a blue planet and its cycles of life. Newly aware of herself and her kinsmen in the light energy stream known as Chroma, she delves into the planet’s oceans and watches in wonder as creatures feed, fight, and die. What would it mean to experience that?In wolf, she and her harmonic companion F369.994 Yellow taste the pleasure of mating. She wants to continue with him forever chasing pronghorn, nestling together in their den as snow fills the valleys. What tragic twist of fate awaits them not only in wolf but in multiple other embodiments? What counterforce resists them, betrays them, destroys their hope?Thus begins a saga of discovery—of consciousness, of being, of life. A love story that spans millennia. The rise of evil and a mystery of the ages. Experience the evolutionary continuum in this alternate history of humanity, its origins, and its gods and demons.