Circle Back Tina Krog Author

Circle Back Tina Krog Author
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Brand: Tina Krog
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Being shoved off your path can lead to a whole new destination.For as long as twenty-something Julia Macmillan can remember, she has wanted nothing more than to be part of a normal loving family. Engaged to her high school sweetheart and planning the wedding of the year, it is all about to be realized until the discovery of an affair flips her life around. Lost and heartbroken, she takes a chance and relocates to Silicon Valley, determined to rebuild her life, and prove to her father that she has what it takes to successfully run the family business all on her own one day. Self-doubt and loneliness lead her to an encounter with Ethan, a shy, enigmatic computer programmer that sends her down a path she never anticipated and leads her to question her ideas of love, family, and happy ever after.