Citrus Summer Meals: Fresh Flavor Beyond A Simple Bowl Of Fruit Toni Grounds Author

Citrus Summer Meals: Fresh Flavor Beyond A Simple Bowl Of Fruit Toni Grounds Author
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Everyone thinks they know about citrus. After all, we eat on an average at least several servings of citrus every week. But how much do you actually know about the juicy fruit you consume? Citrus has a rich background, some amazing health benefits, and some pretty awesome facts to go right along with it. Here we will examine what everyone ought to know about citrus and see what ways we can enjoy it even more.Includes the history of citrus, growing tips, decorating tips, biblical and medieval references and tasty recipes including:Savory Citrus Avocado SaladRuby Red And Emerald Green Super SaladSunshine Surprise Apple Cabbage Pork CasseroleMinty Arugula Salad With Lime Dressed Quinoa And GrapefruitTwice Is Nice Grapefruit Grilled SalmonSunshine Fruit And Mint Chicken SkilletGrapefruit Ginger Salsa With White FishBalsamic Orange Saucy SalmonCitrus Chimichurri Salsa Embellished Skirt SteaksDouble Citrus Baked HamSweet Lime Grilled London BroilAlmond Crusted Chicken Cutlets With Apple Lime SauceLemony Herbed Shrimp KabobsShipwrecked Chicken BakeCitrus Embellished Spinach And Sirloin SaladMandarin Ginger Tofu And Broccoli BakeSimple Lemon Lime Skillet Pork ChopsLime Drenched Scallops With Savory White Wine SauceThai Lime Ginger Seafood ChowderRoasted Pork Tenderloin With Cranberry Clementine SaucePeppery Tangelo Kiwi Side Sauce For Grilled FishCrock Pot Oregano Rubbed Lemon ChickenMandarin Orange White Tuna WrapsTender Asian Pork With Spicy Tangerine SauceBeyond Borders Tangerine Lime SalsaKumquat Pineapple Dressed Chicken BakeFresh Cranberry Kumquat RelishKumquat Tofu Veggie Stir Fry Over Bulgar WheatUgli Pork Tender SkilletUgli Mango Crabmeat TortillasUgli Rosemary Lamb Chop BakePomelo Lime Shrimp Salad With Toasted ToppingsLemon Ricotta PancakesGrilled Summer Vegetables with Citrus Splash DressingLemon Basil Chicken Stir-fryCitrus Honey Ginger PopsRefreshing Drinks for All AgesLimeadeLime Sherbert PunchSparkling Italian LemonadeCitrus Infused TeaRefreshing Drinks for AdultsMimosa PunchLemon Cucumber Gin PunchIf you are looking for quick to fix and interesting tastes, then this book is for you!