Claiming Cinderella Amy Brent Author

Claiming Cinderella Amy Brent Author
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I’m supposed to marry a princess, but fcking Cinderella will break all the rules.Promises and commitments?Nah…that’s not me.Mom throws a masquerade ball to find me a high society bride.What a fcking bore.But I’m bewitched by the girl without an invitation.Crashing a celebrity party? That makes my magic wand HARD.One look into her ocean blue eyes and I know I’m in trouble.I want to feel her all over, kiss those lips, and have her in more ways than one.She’s come to my party. I’ll have her coming all night long.But at midnight she runs.I grasp her hand. She pulls away.The ring that she drops is the only evidence that our hot night together did exist.I have to find the slender finger that fits the ring.I have to claim… my Cinderella.This dirty fairy tale will keep you warm tonight and you will fall in love with Aiden Prince, wanting to come with him in his princely bed.