Classic Pasta:150 Inspiring Recipes Shown in 350 Stunning Photographs Jeni Wright Author

Classic Pasta:150 Inspiring Recipes Shown in 350 Stunning Photographs Jeni Wright Author
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Pasta is an ingredient like no other. Cheap to buy, easy to cook, delicious to eat and incredibly versatile, Italy’s most famous culinary export has become the world’s best-loved food. 150 fantastic recipes are packed into this fresh, bright and contemporary volume with its wealth of innovative ideas. Chapters include Broths and Soups, Tomato Sauces, Cream Sauces, Fish and Shellfish, Meat and Poultry, Vegetables and Vegetarian Dishes, Baked Pasta, Stuffed Pasta, Fresh and Healthy Pasta, and Pasta Salads. 350 stunning photographs show how to make every conceivable type of pasta dish, using a wonderful variety of fresh ingredients. When cooking a quick meal for friends or an easy supper for your family, everyone will enjoy the rich taste of Linguine with Pesto or Fusilli with Sausage, or if you have a little more time, Lasagne with Meatballs. For a sumptuous dinner party guests will love the refined delights of Tagliarini with White Truffle, Penne with Artichokes, Ravioli with Crab or Seafood Salad. Whatever your taste and whatever the occasion, this book will provide inspiration time and again. There is an illustrated guide to just some of the huge variety of pasta shapes that are available, and a description of which one is the most suitable for which dish. There are also full instructions on how to make your own delicious fresh pasta, the equipment you will need, and the basics of cooking and serving perfect pasta, making this an indispensable book for pasta lovers everywhere. Author, Jeni Wright, is a highly respected culinary expert and food writer. Her specialty is the food of Italy, but she has penned dozens of articles on a wide range of cooking subjects for the top food and drink magazines as well as being a member of the Guild of Food Writers.