Claudia's Cocina: A Taste of Mexico Claudia Sandoval Author

Claudia's Cocina: A Taste of Mexico Claudia Sandoval Author
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From the winner of MasterChef season 6, sixty-five recipes inspired by her Mexican roots, featuring her favorite dishes plus on-the-spot creations from the show.Claudia’s Cocina: A Taste of Mexico celebrates the food of MasterChef Season 6 winner, Claudia Sandoval. Claudia brought with her a cooking background strongly influenced by her family’s Mexican roots, as well as the seafood restaurant her grandparents owned when she was a child. Throughout the show she demonstrated a bright, versatile range of flavors and always made family the center of her dishes. Simple by design, the book offers sixty-five mouthwatering recipes straight from Claudia’s kitchen to yours. It showcases a mix of Claudia’s favorite dishes, as well as some of the on-the-spot creations that propelled her to victory: · Hibiscus Poached Pears · Grilled Swordfish · Head-On Garlic Shrimp · Achiote Rubbed Pork Chops · Cilantro Lime Grilled Chicken · Tres Leches Cake The book also shares her favorites from her family’s town of Mazatlán, as well as creams, sauces, and salsas, plus step-by-step directions for complex dishes that will help readers master some of the staples of Mexican cuisine. Readers will also learn about Claudia’s life and childhood and find insights into how she became the extraordinary winner of MasterChef Season 6.With a foreword by Graham Elliot