Clean Eating: Cookbook And Guide to Restore Your Body's Natural Balance and Eat Healthy Lela Gibson Author

Clean Eating: Cookbook And Guide to Restore Your Body's Natural Balance and Eat Healthy Lela Gibson Author
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Use This Book To Learn About Clean Eating & Restore Your Body’s Natural Balance! Nothing in life comes close to the value of good health. Taking your health for granted will only lead to a life of compromise. You will not be able to enjoy life or be happy, as you will be pressured into thinking about your health. Good health is a measure of how much you care about yourself. The more you care for yourself, the healthier you become and the happier you remain. But this is often easier said than done. Most of us tend to lead busy lives that prevent us from focusing on our health. We tend to go through stressful situations that impact our bodies negatively. Add today’s lifestyle encourages the consumption of junk and processed foods that can cause health to backtrack. The need of the hour is to, therefore, pick up a diet that is wholesome and capable of enhancing good health. When we hear the word diet we are often reminded of salads and soups that do not taste good. However, not all diets ask you to settle for bland food that is stripped of flavor. In fact, you do not have to follow a fad diet to enhance health, as a clean diet will do the trick for you. A clean diet refers to subjecting the body to clean foods. Clean foods are all natural and those that are free from chemicals and toxins. Staving off consumption of such foods can put your health on the right track. To give you a head start, this book has been written to teach you the meaning and importance of clean eating. It provides you with simple recipes that can be adapted to enhance good health. The book has been designed to facilitate easy reading and you will find it simple to navigate through the different chapters. Here Is Just A Small Preview Of What You’ll Learn… Importance of healthy EatingWhat is clean eating?Benefits of clean eatingFoods To Keep Systems CleanFoods to includeFood to avoidClean Eating RecipesBreakfast RecipesVeggie devilled eggs (Breakfast)Healthy muesli (Breakfast)Chia Breakfast PuddingMain MealsChicken wing curry (meal)Healthy beef stew (meal)Easy Flat BreadSnacks And DessertsFish sticks (snack)Peanut Butter CookiesAll Natural FlanPecan Hotcakes With BerriesEasy Salad RecipesTraditional Egg SaladChicken SaladAsian Vegetable SaladQuinoa SaladChicken And Avocado SaladEgg And Tomato SaladSpinach And Kale SaladFruit SaladTurkey SaladCouscous SaladSmoked Turkey And Black Bean SaladBeef SaladArtichoke And Asparagus SaladHealthy Juices, Smoothies and Herbal DrinksSpinach JuiceCleansing ToxicMixed SmoothieBeetroot SmoothieOrange And Strawberries SmoothieDigestive DrinkLemon and Mint TeaFlower TeaTomato JuiceGreen Tea Spiced TonicSuper JuicePurple Power SmoothieKale Pearl SmoothieAnd Much, much more! When you purchase the Clean Eating today, you’ll save $3 off the regular price and get it for a limited time discount of only $9.99! This discount is only available for a limited time! That’s not all… we’re also throwing in a Free Cooking e-book guide that will help you to acquire the knowledge needed to prepare daily meals that will contain the proper sustenance for each member of your family, teach you how to buy your food judiciously and prepare and serve it economically and appetizingly, and also instill in you such a love for COOKING that you will become enthusiastic about mastering and dignifying this art. This bonus is only available for a limited time! No questions asked, money back guarantee!