Clean Food Recipes to Detox and Lose Weight: Over 50 Recipes to Help You Lose Weight, Feel Great and Live Your Best Life! Shae Harper Author

Clean Food Recipes to Detox and Lose Weight: Over 50 Recipes to Help You Lose Weight, Feel Great and Live Your Best Life! Shae Harper Author
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Toxins are found in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. Our digestive system works to help eliminate toxins from the body, but if our digestion is impaired or sluggish, our toxic load can reach a level where we begin to develop symptoms of illness, such as headaches, joint pain and lack of energy, which can lead to more serious illnesses in the future. The health of our skin, hair, and nails is also affected. Eating a diet that’s low in foods regarded to be the most toxic and inflammatory - sugar, soy, dairy, corn, gluten, and all processed foods - and high in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and clean proteins (and therefore high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals) allows the digestive system to perform better in clearing out toxins. The clean eating recipes in this book are created using various Superfoods. Superfoods pack a punch nutritionally and are an easy way to get amazing, nutritionally rich food into your diet. Some of the many benefits you can receive from Superfoods are: Increased vitality Abundant energy Support for your immune system Clear glowing skin Nourishment at cellular level Improved emotional health And much more! In this book you will find a list of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts. All recipes have been created using ingredients that are gluten free, dairy free, corn free, soy free, sugar free and free of artificial colors and flavors. By cooking and eating the recipes in this book you will feel vibrant, energized and radiate health and if you do have a few extra kilos to shed these recipes will help you to lose those unwanted kilos and maintain a healthy weight. Here is a list of what is inside this book: INTRODUCTION BREAKFAST RECIPES GET-UP-AND-GO GRANOLA BANANA-PECAN PANCAKES WITH ASIAN PEARS BROCCOLI-SWEET PEPPER FRITTATA CHUNKY NO-BAKE FRUIT PORRIDGE APPLE-GINGER OATS SCRAMBLED SOUTHWEST EGGS ON HERBED POTATOES HOT MILLET, RAISINS, AND ALMOND MILK PEAR PARFAIT HARVEST FRUITS WITH CASHEW BUTTER NOT YOUR AVERAGE BREAKFAST CEREAL PINEAPPLE-CILANTRO CLEANSER LUNCH RECIPES POTATOES AND GREEN PEAS IN PUMPKIN SAUCE WITH COCONUT-LIME RICE SIMPLE CHOPPED SALAD ADZUKI BEAN-BUCKWHEAT BURGERS SQUASH-BROCCOLI-BEET ‘CHILI’ ROSEMARY-FIG QUINOA WITH MAPLE-CARAMELIZED ONIONS DEVILLED HORSERADISH EGG SALAD HEARTY RAW SOUP CREAMY SPINACH AND CARROTS WITH STICKY RICE FLUFFY SWEET POTATOES AND FRESH COCONUT OVER MILLET MELON-PIQUILLO SALAD WITH EGGS AND BELL PEPPERS ORGANIC CHICKEN LETTUCE WRAPS DINNER RECIPES BLACK ‘N’ WHITE FRIED RICE PAN-SEARED HALIBUT WITH PINEAPPLE SALSA AND FRESH HERB SAUCE ROSEMARY WHITE BEAN TUNA SALAD NOODLES WITH KIDNEY BEANS IN ORANGE-SAGE SAUCE SALMON OVER GREEN TEA BLACK RICE CURRIED BUTTERCUP SQUASH AND ADZUKI BEANS SPLIT PEA-KALE NOODLE SOUP SPINACH-‘RICOTTA’ LASAGNA ROASTED CAULIFLOWER SOUP CRUSTLESS SUPER GREENS QUICHE SAVORY SNACK RECIPES CREAMY ZUCCHINI DIP ALMOND, NOODLE AND SUNDRIED TOMATO MUNCH MIX LIME-SUNCHOKE CHIPS HERBED CHEESE SPREAD WHOLEY GUACAMOLE SEA SALT ‘N’ VINEGAR CHIPS COCONUT BELL PEPPERS MUSTARD PRETZEL-AND-NUT PARTY MIX BALSAMIC SWEET POTATO FRIES DESSERT RECIPES ORANGE-MINT CRANBERRY SALAD CACAO BONBONS RAW CHOCOLATE PUDDING CARROT CAKE POWER BARS HONEY BAKED GRAPEFRUIT COCONUT APPLE CHIPS MANGO AVO BOWL CHOCOLATE COCONUT MILK ICE CREAM RAW CHOC-COATED STRAWBERRIES BANANA ALMOND FLOUR MUFFINS COCONUT, DATE AND ALMOND BALLS SHOPPING CHECKLIST