Clowning Around With Prostate Humor Tony Deal Author

Clowning Around With Prostate Humor Tony Deal Author
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Want a close-up and personal view of prostate treatment without having to bend over, then look no further. PROSTATE HUMOR allows you to keep your pants on as you follow one man rolling around in our healthcare pinball machine. The author, faced with prostate cancer, challenged himself to find humor in every aspect of his treatment—from the thrill of the biopsy to the fiasco of sexual rehabilitation. What began as a humorous journal grew into a twenty-two-episode caricature of the experience of thousands of older males —– treatment for prostate cancer by our not-so-sensitive healthcare system. So for six months, the power of humor was used to transform a serious and a private ordeal into a hilarious, tell-all adventure—- Damn if I would’ve told that! The story begins with the diagnosis, the numerous but weird treatment options and the prayer tree of the Mt. Zion’s Women’s Auxiliary. The story ends (after surgery, complications, incontinence, and having his left-handed wife help with his self-catherization) with a happy but changed couple sitting in twin claw-foot tubs, looking at the sunset holding a frog that talks (see episode 22 for explanation). If you, or someone you know, can relate to the frustrations of prostate cancer, then laugh along with the author. Like chicken soup, it can’t hurt and according to latest research, may definitely help. Remember, it’s impossible to laugh and die at the same time. Laughter is one prescription that doesn’t have to be approved by an insurance company.