COLD FEET: The Lucky Edge Trilogy (book 3) Mary M Scott Author

COLD FEET: The Lucky Edge Trilogy (book 3) Mary M Scott Author
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The Lucky Edge Trilogy is offbeat satire that will make you grin and smile. In book 3-COLD FEET, South Harbor has had a reversal of fortunes and is forced to keep tourism and clam sales going through the winter. Slack time is a thing of the past but the up side is the invasion of faux beaver clad cultured Canucks. Cognac sales are really going through the roof…ice fishing replaces surfing. The watery paradise will never be the same. The trilogy stories are about the ethereal effect of the ocean ether on folks who live on the edge. Right there where the land disappears into the wavy world of water. The constant motion of the water, waves, tides and celestial bodies effect us, our psyche, our emotions…our sanity. It goes deep. You feel things. Your senses intensify! These quirky, odd characters in my stories are lovable and unforgettable. They react differently to challenges, surprises, intrigue and mysterious happenings. The fragile balance of life is often unstable but The Lucky Edge, the local haunt for drinking and eating seafood keeps these folks sane-somewhat. It’s their place, where they come together in a warm, crazy, wild and wonderful way. South Harbor is a seaside resort - a small town in every sense of the word. The locals who live and work there during the summer beach season, see the tourists as a blessing and a curse. The money can be good in the bring home the bacon making season but the clam eaters, summer people and interlopers always create tension, conflict and have unrealistic expectations about what can and should happen. The complicated pecking order among the summer people, who own homes in South Harbor is a constant irritation to the locals who love the warm, relaxed seaside life and have grown very attached to their local drinking establishment-famous for it’s clams and night fishing. It’s psyche survival mode at The Lucky Edge and it’s all good…eventually.