Cole's Maryland Style Crab Soup by World Market

Cole's Maryland Style Crab Soup by World Market
Brand: World Market
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Size: One Size Fits Most
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Food And Drink -Made with fresh and tender wild-caught blue crabmeat, this gluten-free Maryland-style soup is filled with potatoes, tomatoes, onions and carrots. Just add water to make over two servings of bold, perfectly seasoned crab soup to enjoy with crackers, salad or crusty bread. Cole’s artisan soups are crafted with seafood sourced only from the Patagonian coast and the Cape Verdean islands. Also could be used for savory,savories,food,appetizer,side dish,dinner,lunch,snack,chowder,hearty,crackers,salad,gluten free soup,fully cooked,blue crab,crab chowder,just add water,seafood,fresh seafood,gourmet soup,premium soup. By Cost Plus World Market.602527