College Without Ramen Noodles, A Guide to Affording College Floyd Saunders Author

College Without Ramen Noodles, A Guide to Affording College Floyd Saunders Author
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Do you doubt that college is possible for you? Stop doubting and read College Without Ramen Noodles; A Guide to Affording College. In 10 chapters, this highly readable guide provides college students and their parents with dozens of ways to make college a reality. In fact, use enough of these tips, and you may keep college debt at zero.Author Floyd Saunders has spent the last 20 years helping his five kids get post-secondary education using many of the options highlighted in this book. If you are already working on a degree, start cutting expenses now using 78 practical tips that lower your living expenses. Mr. Saunders even tells you some good reasons why you might be better off with an alternative to a college degree. Regardless of your circumstances, this book offers valuable information as you consider going to college.For parents, get valuable tips on savings for college and guidance on what to do if you haven’t saved enough (it’s actually OK you didn’t). College Without Ramen Noodles is written from the author’s personal experience of sending five kids to college over the past 20 years. His children attended trade schools, private colleges and state universities. Over the past 20 years Mr. Saunders had to use money saved in college funds, loans and current income to fund his children’s education.Mr. Saunders takes his personal experience and combines it with a carefully researched book full of practical advice and tips. You make think college is too expensive or that the only way to afford college is with lots of student loans. In this guide to affording college, the author offers lots of optional ways to get the college education you need to be ready for the career you want and make sure it is still affordable. From working part-time, to getting a full ride scholarship, this book covers all the options.