Coloring Book of Shadows: Season of the Witch Amy Cesari Author

Coloring Book of Shadows: Season of the Witch Amy Cesari Author
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** Premium 70# Paper **Explore the power of Samhain and Halloween through ancient lore, modern witchcraft, and the magic of the unknown.What is it you love about Halloween? Was it the first time you saw yourself as a witch, or the first time you experienced the magic of a ritual at night? Perhaps you’ve always felt a curiosity about death and what lies beyond the veil. A different kind of spell book, Season of the Witch: Spells for Samhain & Halloween is coloring book and a magical journey to look beyond the veil, perform powerful rituals, deepen (or begin) your witchcraft practice, and learn ways to celebrate this iconic witch’s holiday.Samhain is coming…. are you ready?! Find out in this enchantingly illustrated book of magic and art.Includes:• Legends, folklore, and a brief history of Samhain and Halloween.• How to get started with simple yet powerful rituals.• Green witchcraft and the magic of Samhain’s dark herbs and plants.• Ways to connect to your ancestry and honor spirits of your loved ones.• Spells to enchant your masks, costumes, and witchy Halloween crafts.• Kitchen witchery and ideas for snacks and magical recipe enhancements• Lighthearted divinations, games, and Samhain traditions to share with friends and family.• A gorgeous set of grimoire-worthy correspondence sheets depicting Samhain foods, herbs, flowers, poisonous plants, witch’s tools, crystals, mythological creatures, and more.Make this Samhain and Halloween your most memorable and transformational yet with Season of the Witch.