Comfort Food Without Borders Volume Two: The Main Course Sia Ayrom Author

Comfort Food Without Borders Volume Two: The Main Course Sia Ayrom Author
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In Comfort Food Without Borders, Volume Two: The Main Course, chef Sia Ayrom delves deeply into the centerpiece of everyone’s dining experience. The second of three volumes, it includes chapters on vegetarian and vegan meals; fish and seafood; chicken and other fowl; pork;game meats; veal and lamb; and beef. Home cooks will learn how to make hearty vegetarian dishes such as butternut squash vindaloo with homemade poppadums and barbeque tofu steaks, plus eclectic seafood dishes like saffron marinated sturgeon brochettes. In the chapter on chicken and other fowl, chef Ayrom describes a revolutionary method of preparing pan seared chicken as well as a delectable recipe for magret of duck with a wild mushroom risotto. In the chapter on pork, chef Ayrom explains the intricacies of the ways fat, or lack of fat can impact the taste of pork dishes such as Bossam and crispy pork belly. Game recipes includes a scrumptious recipe for rabbit done in two ways as well as a delectable ostrich fajita recipe. The chapter called, Reinventing veal and lamb, delves deeply into the resurgence of humanely raised veal and the ways in which different food cultures flavor lamb and mutton. In the final chapter of the book, chef Ayrom delves in painstaking detail in the art of cooking beef. Using every cut of beef available, the chef shares his secrets on the best cooking methods and techniques to bring out the best flavors from this ubiquitous source of protein. With each easy-to-follow recipe, chef Ayrom shares context from his thirty years of experience in the restaurant industry and from his personal life. His final offering, which he tongue in cheekily calls The Orgasm redefines the meaning of comfort food, and in the process, leaves his readers completely breathless.