Complete Care for Your Aging Cat Amy Shojai Author

Complete Care for Your Aging Cat Amy Shojai Author
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Brand: Amy Shojai
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AWARD-WINNING CAT CARE! Today, cats live much longer lives–thanks to advances in veterinary technology. But older cats have special needs and require extra emotional support, nutritional help, and medical care. A longer life also means more cats develop age-related conditions such as kidney issues, arthritis, cancer, stroke, senility and diabetes–all of which can be successfully managed with your loving assistance. Learn: How to entice your aging cat to exercise both body and mind What changes to expect–what’s normal and what are warning signs Which over-the-counter medications you should keep on hand Tips for choosing the right products and food How to provide nursing care at home Filled with heartwarming stories of golden oldies, and the latest in geriatric veterinary care, age-defying tips, and comprehensive reference materials, this is the definitive Old Cat Bible to turn back the clock on feline aging. Keep your senior cats purring for years to come!