Complete Care for Your Aging Dog Amy Shojai Author

Complete Care for Your Aging Dog Amy Shojai Author
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THE OLD DOG BIBLE!Filled with comprehensive dog reference material from interviews with over 100 veterinary experts, this award-winning book answers all your must-know questions. Filled with heartwarming chicken soup -like stories, and the latest developments in veterinary care advice for dogs health care for old dogs, this is the definitive guide for keeping senior dogs vital, happy, and active throughout their golden years. You’ll learn:How long do dogs live and how dogs ageNormal aging changes for dogsWarning signs to get dogs veterinarian helpOver the counter medications for dogs & home remediesDoggy diapers, care products & DIY optionsHow-to nursing care for dogs: pilling dogs, administering fluid therapy & moreWays to increase old dog exercise and how to exercise dogs mindsChoosing dog food for old dogsHow to get dogs to eatSymptoms & treatments for: arthritis, blind dogs, brain tumors, dog cancer,deaf dogs, dog dental problems, dog diabetes, dog heart disease, dog kidney problems, dog liver disease, dog obesity, dog senility, dog stroke, dog urinary incontinenceThe A-to-Z list of dog health conditions common to old dogs lists medical symptoms, veterinary treatment and research,understanding dog quality of life and making death decisions (and helping children understand pet loss), and home care tips to save money when caring for aging dogs.