Connor, Brave & Kind Markham Anderson Author

Connor, Brave & Kind Markham Anderson Author
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THE INSPIRATIONAL, EMOTIONAL, & HUMOROUS BOOK ABOUT OVERCOMING ADVERSITY AND OBSTACLES THROUGH COURAGE, HOPE and LOVE! Connor, Brave & Kind, offers readers the one thing that nobody can ever take away from you: hope. Cherish the heartwarming stories of a devoted single dad and his beloved non-verbal son. The magic they discover will help you to live a fuller, richer life by turning struggles into triumphs and defeats into victories. Always remembering that obstacles and even disablities should never, ever define you… -Initial Praise for Connor, Brave & Kind A terrifically funny, powerful, and moving story of how one devoted single dad, despite his own physical disabilities, took the Autism Spectrum head on and refused to allow it to define his beloved son’s life or his own. An emotionally charged and brilliantly written first book, from a gifted new storyteller, that offers us a personal message of hope, accompanied by a healthy dose of laughter. This book is in my mind, the inspirational book for a new generation who needs a laugh and a lift! You will come away with a fresh understanding of what it’s like to live and cope with autism day to day. Connor, Brave & Kind indeed now has a permanent home on my night table, right next to my well worn copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul! Thank you, Markham. You opened my eyes, made me laugh, and made me and my husband cry. Your love for your son and the spirit you’ve infused into this amazingly written book will lift anyone’s day. Thank you, thank you, thank you! -Leslie Easterbrook (Actress) Police Academy, Laverne & Shirley Anderson solidly delivers by serving up his readers poignant yet funny and entertaining tales of how he copes as a disabled single dad raising an autistic son, with little to no help from the outside world. Markham’s southern fried storytelling style is a delicious recipe I sorely needed and heartily recommend. His chapters are loaded with outrageously funny and descriptive scenes that had me laughing out loud so many times! And as a special needs parent, I also cried quietly in the darkness of my room as I silently absorbed and related to the bittersweet parts. But this book isn’t just for a caregiver like me who happens to be a working mom caring for two sons with differing types of autism, this from-the-heart book is a well crafted inspirational journey for anyone who genuinely needs to be uplifted. Clearly, the author wants you to know that you are not alone in your journey…two thumbs up, -Amy Daleo, Former Executive Dir., Autism Research Center-Flint, Michigan Connor, Brave & KInd is chock full of Southern style storytelling nuggets that are often both comical and bittersweet. Laugh out loud stories and examples that will make you start thinking in a brand new way and will help you to get inspired to start making life better for yourself and for your special child. This book is an inspirational journey for anyone who is struggling in their life and genuinely needs to be uplifted and personally transformed. Markham has been there as a disabled Marine. He’s learned to overcome debilitating chronic pain and depression. He continues his passionate mission of being the sole caregiver for his autistic son, and his goal in life is to pay it forward, by sharing what he has learned to help others overcome the same obstacles he has had to leap over whether he can help others through his seminars or through his books. Author Markham Anderson teaches us that there is magic and happiness all around us in every situation, all we have to do is open our eyes—and let it find us. Connor, Brave & Kind was written to teach you by example how to overcome adversity, and find your smile again!