Conoce todo sobre Blender, Curso Práctico Marcos Lidón Mañas Author

Conoce todo sobre Blender, Curso Práctico Marcos Lidón Mañas Author
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El objetivo del libro es proporcionar conocimientos básicos y sólidos para que se sienta preparado para dar los primeros pasos en esta industria (Description in English below).El libro se divide en diez capítulos, centrándose en el aprendizaje progresivo de Blender e introduciendo los conceptos generales del 3D. El libro se centra en algunos aspectos importantes, como el modelado, la texturización y la iluminación.También se hace una introducción a otros aspectos más avanzados, como la animación, el rigging, la composición y la edición.Description in English: This work, which includes exercises and projects, is a reference guide to help readers learn how to use one of the 3D design programs with more users around the world.Blender is a program that can be downloaded for free from its official website. The main objective is to provide basic and solid knowledge about Blender so that you feel prepared to take the first steps in this industry. The book is divided into ten chapters, focusing on the progressive learning of Blender and introducing the general concepts of 3D. In each of the chapters there will be several challenges intended to simplify the large number of tools used in Blender, without going into too complex details that may be confusing.The book focuses on some important aspects, such as modeling, texturing and lighting. There is also an introduction to other more advanced aspects, such as animation, rigging, composition and editing. All of the topics include small projects to exemplify the concepts.At the end of the book, the user will have acquired an intermediate level and will be able to begin to deepen in more specific sectors of the industry, as in the creation of characters, animation, etc.

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