Conquer Jamie Campbell Author

Conquer Jamie Campbell Author
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Brand: Jamie Campbell
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Love Conquers All.With the alien’s secret exposed for the entire world to see, Amery can only think of one thing: Lochie. Sequestered away for her own safety, she can only imagine how much he hates her now.Everything changes for the teenage alien when her entire town turns their back on her. Out to protect their own race, the humans make her life a misery and place her firmly in harm’s way.On the verge of a war between Earth and Trucon, Amery has to take action into her own hands and do something to protect both the human and alien race.Unable to tell her friends from enemies, Amery is in a fight for survival. Yet it will all be for nothing unless she can win back the heart of her one true love.Also in the Project Integrate Series:Ignite (Short Prequel)UniteDivideConquerSoarRiseBroken