Conquering Fear Amy Kidd Author

Conquering Fear Amy Kidd Author
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Brand: Amy Kidd
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Anxiety counselor, Nola McGill’s becomes a prime suspect when her 23-year-old homebound client dies from a heart attack during an apparent struggle. Enter Detective Luciano Medina who believes in Nola’s innocence.However, bodies keep piling up scared to death by the phobias they work with Nola to overcome. Her connection to the victims and inability to stop meddling lands her dead center in the investigation. Luc’s attraction to the nervous counselor drives a desire to keep her safe from arrest, the killer, and herself.Against Luc’s requests to lay low, Nola investigates on her own hoping to find the connection the detectives overlooked. Nola’s guilt due to failing her clients is exacerbated by the desirable detective’s quiet charm, impulsive flirting, and the inappropriate thoughts that his constant presence brings.Luc races Nola to find the man who kills with fear before the killer learns of Nola’s own dangerous phobia and she becomes yet another victim.This e-book download includes the first chapter of Luc and Nola’s next case.