Conspiracies and Controversies Erick A. San Juan Author

Conspiracies and Controversies Erick A. San Juan Author
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CONTENTS Part I: Philippines’Favorite Conspiracy Theories Chapter One Troublesome South 1-22 • Who is Behind the Winds of War? • Massacre • Clash of Civilizations in Mindanao • Lower than Traitors • The Indonesian Connection • Are we the Next Domino to Fall? • Chapter Two Terrorist Milieu 23-32 • Phenomenon • The . What It Really Is? • A Prologue to Disaster • The Crescent and the Pentagram • Chapter Three Asia to Ashes 33-48 • They Did What They’re Told and Died! • Effects of Globalization in Asia • Of Movers and Shakers • Murder of the Asian Economy • Chapter Four Grand Deceptions 49-64 • Soy lent Green • The Manipulators and their Foreign Bosses • The Truth About Our History • Heroes or Heels? • Stree Massacre - The Other Side of the Truth • Chapter Five Plaza Miranda: Truths and Myths 65-71 Who is Really Behind the Bombing? Part II: Most Controversial Filipinos of the 21st Century Chapter Six The Yellow Lady 75-103 • Litany of Schemes that Show Cory Aquino’s True Color • A Clear Case of Conspiracy • Cory’s Secret Dream for 1998 • Why the Coup Attempts Against the Cory Government? • Forces of Separatism • Coalition and Collision • Democracy or Demo-crazy ? • Cory and the Reds: A Bolsheviks-Kerensky Repeat? • Chapter Seven A Man Named Sin 105-114 • It Takes a Sin to Tell Lies • Freedom Has Its Dangers • What Ails the Church of Sin? • Unmasking the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing • Chapter Eight Imelda 115-123 • What Price Loyalty? • In ‘Love’ and ‘War’ • Don’t F..k with Imelda! • Chapter Nine Businessman’s Businessman 125-131 • A Tribute to Aquino • : Crony or Victim? • Chapter Ten Aquino: Global Conspirator? 133-179 • Secret Ingredients Behind Aquino Politics • Demystifying Fake Heroes • Agent of the Global Conspiracy • Leaving a Trail of Blood • The American Stooge • Playing the Game of Numbers • The Missing Trigger man • Unanswered Questions • They Did It! • American Factor • Is There a Link? • Bullet-Proof Hero • Chapter Eleven RAM: Reformists or Agents of Violence? 181-207 • What Is It All About? • The Color Red Dawned on the Loyalists • The Wave Behind RAM • Reformists or Agents of Violence? • Land of Rebelling, Child of the Sun Conspiring • Intervening in a Famil (more inside)