Constant Bearing - Decreasing Range: A Makeover for Sailor Sam Skip Vogel Author

Constant Bearing - Decreasing Range: A Makeover for Sailor Sam Skip Vogel Author
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Project 300,000 is Congress and the Johnson Administration’s failed social experimentation. It consisted of lowering enlistment test scores and standards and 100,000 low-aptitude recruits were handed to the Navy for implementation. One can not make chicken soup utilizing chicken crap circa 1976 Captain’s Yeoman Lain Byrd - Constant Bearing - Decreasing Range is navaleese for collision course. A tale of naval intrigue: failed social experimentation rendering the collision of public policy and national defense! Stragetically, within every super carrier’s confines exist the Captain’s Vault, a secured top secret-walk-in vault; a secured work station measuring 18’X18’X8’ and manned at all times, confidential by nature, marked for eyes only; hence a 4.0 Petty Officer in the making, NIS Top Secret Security clearance pending, and persona named Yeoman Lain Byrd. The reader will decide; is YN2 Byrd a here of a different kind. Across Captain’s vault’s only knee-knocker, secured to the bulkhead, is the Command’s communications pigeon holes. Harrowing Sea Stories based on actual events and personnel, true life events aboard a combat aircraft carrier… sea stories told from within the confines of the Captain’s vault; personnel issues and unintentional consequences compromising personal safety and the frontline of national defense, a super carrier Has NO space, or time, for misfits or Sailor Sams of the civilian world, for their own safety! Skip Vogel’s CONSTANT BEARING - DECREASING RANGE: A Makeover for Sailor Sam is a compelling character-driven story of intrigue, tragedy, honor, and humor within the U.S. Navy as it was undermined by the questionable efforts of American politicians and social engineers as they attempted to integrate low aptitude personnel and criminals into our naval forces, and the unfortunate consequences that resulted from these policies.