Consumed by Fire Faith O'Shea Author

Consumed by Fire Faith O'Shea Author
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Brand: Susan Campbell
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Nell Warren has just won a major Supreme Court decision but has no time to celebrate. Her old flame, an eleven, on the scale of one-to-ten in the satisfaction department, has set his sights on winning her back. He’s everything she ever wanted in a man but there’s still a shadow hovering over them that might never disappear. Will she lose at the game of love again, or will it work this time around? If she just knew the rules…Jack Adams is in the race of his life, but it has nothing to do with garnering votes from his constituency. The woman he loved since the day he met her is back and flowers and candy won’t be enough to win her over. What will it take? A complete change in attitude and he’s more than willing to make it, one step at a time.Nell can’t deny that Jack seems to have found a promising future in Congress and he seems more than willing to alter his lifestyle, but is he doing it for her or…to gain an advantage. She won’t know unless she gives in and goes along. The problem is, she’s not only risking her heart, but a piece of her soul as well.