Consumer Perception and Buying Behaviour : Handbook of Online Grocery and Frozen Foods Cases Tavleen Kaur Author

Consumer Perception and Buying Behaviour : Handbook of Online Grocery and Frozen Foods Cases Tavleen Kaur Author
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In recent years packaging technology has developed at a rapid rate that it has become an important area posing health hazards to mankind and an issue of debate for industry and government. In developed countries many regulatory measures are on the anvil. This may have far reaching consequences in selection of packaging materials for the food industries. The development of different fishery products, new markets and new class of consumers demand a greater understanding of the needs of the products, the market and the system of distribution. Consumer protection requirements are beginning to force new thinking with regard to the packaged distribution of different fishery products. This book is aimed at giving a right concept to the seafood processors and all those who are concerned with seafood processing for selecting appropriate packaging technique and packaging for a variety of seafood products. As far as we are aware, it is the first attempt to provide such an integrated approach. Until now authors have tended to confine their attentions to the techniques employed to produce various packaging materials neglecting such important aspects such as conversions and their application for use in the packaging of fish and fish products. Furthermore, students in the field of food processing and particularly in fish processing would find it extremely useful as the book gives fundamentals to many advanced food processing techniques like retort pouch processing, modified atmosphere packaging etc. Different chapters in this book are written by eminent scientists/experts working in various institutes and industries, probably the most outstanding experts in the field in the country. This book gives the most recent developments and provides fish processing technologists and business executives a comprehensive understanding of the packaging aspects of highly perishable commodities like fish and fish products.