Container Blend Natural Candle Wax

Container Blend Natural Candle Wax
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Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: White
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-Products are packaged to order to ensure you are getting the freshest possible product regardless of the size ordered. You can expect 18-24mos shelf life or more depending on the product. - Thanks for checking out my store! Proceeds go to building a Community Permaculture Farm & Projects I’m working on to help bring money into the local Homesteading community. Container Blend Natural Candle Wax is an all-natural specialty wax blend formulated to produce high quality candles intended for single-pour container candles. This natural wax container blend is comprised of soy, coconut, & beeswax, offered in pastille/granular form & carries a white to off-white appearance with a melting point of 110oF. Colorants & dyes will easily be received by this natural blend, allowing for consumers to easily create their desired custom candle . With its high fragrance load & adherence to surfaces, this base is a preferred choice for jarred candle-making. Heat wax to 170oF until fully melted. Remove from heat & add fragrance oil (7-10% fragrance load) & color. Stir very gently for two minutes. Allow wax to cool to 160oF & pour. 15/16 oz size.- If you purchase just this product you will receive 15oz & if you purchase 2 or more products excluding 1 sample you will receive 16 oz. I do this to offer the lowest price possible for the most product with shipping included. Container Blend Natural Candle Wax