Conversations in Heaven: Exploring the Realm Sue Campbell Author

Conversations in Heaven: Exploring the Realm Sue Campbell Author
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Julie, Abbie, Rashid, Tiny and Sophia continue their amazing journey throughout the Heavenly Realm to New Jerusalem, the City of God. The five died and were individually welcomed by their guardian angel, Wisdom. They reconnect in the Garden of Tranquility where they first met after their arrival in heaven and after going through transformation from earthly beings to heavenly beings.The Apostle John surprises them in the Garden and displays the capability of the HOD (Heavenly Operating Device) they receive once they enter their tribe’s gate at the City of God. Their travels take them to the Colosseum and Warrior’s field, where they witness the War Games. They visit the rainforest and the Serengeti Plains. They walk down Missionary Lane where missionairies are honored.Wisdom shares the story of Takeda, a Choctaw Indian maiden and daughter of the chief who lives the life of a typical Indian maiden of her time. She comes to the Lord at seventeen through efforts of two Jesuit priests who visit her village in 1830. In 1831, the Trail of Tears begins and her entire village is uprooted by the US Army and taken by wagon to Memphis, then steamboat to Arkansas Post. Due to severe cold, thousands of Choctaw Indians die along the way. Takeda succumbs to pneumonia at only eighteen.Another of Wisdom’s charges, Carlos, is a famous prizefighter who is forced to work with the Cartel after retirement or they will kill his family. He marries a fiery Mexican woman, Consuela, who has a savory past, and then he later dies by gunshot after his boss’ ranch is overrun by Sinoloa soldiers.The reality of hell, which is controlled by Lucifer the fallen angel and the seven princes of hell is revealed to Wisdom by Divine, one of Lucifer’s leaders and Wisdom’s best friend when they reconnect on earth.As the five draw closer to New Jerusalem, the City of God, they are told which of the twelve gates to enter based on their Israeli tribe. They will soon see the City of God!