Cooking for Happiness Kornelia Santoro Author

Cooking for Happiness Kornelia Santoro Author
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Can you fight depression by simply eating right? Yes, you can. By sheer indulgence.Nourish your brain with Pumpkin Soup . Roasted Chicken . Mexican Beans and Brown Rice . Seafood RisottoBring a smile to your face with Mashed Potatoes . Goan Prawn Curry . Apple Crumble . Red Wine CakeWeaving together years of scientific research with her own experience of depression, award-winning food writer Kornelia Santoro offers a hundred easy-to-prepare recipes that will nurture your brain and help you fight those dreaded lows. Once psychotherapy helped her conquer her eating disorders, she discovered the magic of eating right, which has since infused her life with a sense of balance that she had not imagined possible. Full of mouth-watering recipes, Kornelia’s secrets will reduce your stress levels, elevate your mood and make you want to eat more!