Cooking with Johnny Fish Chef John Lengsfeld Author

Cooking with Johnny Fish Chef John Lengsfeld Author
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Graduating from college in 1991 my true passion was still in seafood and cooking, I wanted to be around it all the time. After school, I secured a loan and borrowed some money from my Grandparents. This helped me open my own fish market in Howard Beach, Queens on Cross Bay Boulevard called Seafood by the Bay. I continued to create recipes and add them to my journal. After six years, my journey came to an end and I sold the market. However, I continued to explore my culinary efforts and wrote a book that included my seafood recipes (some with Italian influence). With my recipes I focus on fresh ingredients, simple preparation and vibrant flavors. Anyone who wants to indulge in the pleasures of seafood cooking without feeling weighed down will find inspiration for these delicious and fun appetizers. My recipes satisfy both your desire to eat with gusto and have a lot of fun doing it. Everything that I learned from my Grandparents is included in all of my books. I was blessed to have them.Now let’s get to cooking!