Coronavirus Apocalypse 2020 Melody Webster Author

Coronavirus Apocalypse 2020 Melody Webster Author
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Coronavirus Apocalypse 2020 is a life manual that tackles the infamous coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. The virus started in year 2019. According to mainstream sources, it originated from a marketplace in China in Hubei province, Mainland China. There are those who say that the virus came from bats, while others say that it came from seafood. But, just how true are these claims? Is it possible that the virus came outside of China, such as from the US — as is now being revealed by conspiracy theorists?Coronavirus has struck the whole globe with confirmed cases continuously rising by the day. The number of deaths is also increasing constantly. Is this, indeed, the end of the world? Is it the apocalypse? In history, a virus of strong caliber had also struck the world. It was back in 1918, and it was called the Spanish flu, and it took millions of lives worldwide. Is this modern virus known as COVID-19 going to take as many lives as the Spanish flu? Or, maybe due to developments in technology which has caused too much unhealthiness, should we expect this modern virus to take even more lives? Is it ever going to stop? And if so, when?The coronavirus gives its victims flu-like symptoms. Based on records, most of the people who are killed by the virus are the old and those who already have pre-existing conditions like pneumonia. Still, the young are still at risk. In fact, Dr. Li Wenliang, the doctor who became famous for sounding the alarm about the coronavirus but was censored by authorities — yet it was later found that Dr. Li was right all along — died at the young age of 34. Another doctor in China who had plans to marry his fiancé on Feb. 1 but was postponed due to the virus was also taken by the COVID-19. He was only 29 years old.Coronavirus Apocalypse 2020 deals with the hard facts and hard truths and theories regarding this killer virus. For exactly how long this virus is going to stay on planet Earth remains a mystery, but we have the hard truths and analysis that we can discuss to better shed light and understanding about the deadly COVID-19. Here is a journey that will take you through places and people as we observe and see the extent and effects of this virus both based on facts and theories that we have gathered. If we are to overcome this virus, then we must not fear it, for freedom from fear is only possible if we take a step closer to understand what it is. And, by understanding this killer virus, we shall also learn more about humanity.