Crab by Cynthia Nims

Crab by Cynthia Nims
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Feast on the bounty of the Pacific Northwest, no matter where you live, with the “Northwest Homegrown Cookbook Series.” Celebrated food writer and chef Cynthia Nims kicks off the series with a tribute to Northwest crab – that sweet and tender meat craved by seafood lovers across the country.

This elegantly packaged cookbook includes delicious crab dishes for every course, from Crab Benedict to Chilled Tomato Soup with Crab, from Crab and Sesame Noodle Salad to Beer-Steamed Crab with Mustard Butter. And if you can’t find Dungeness, snow, or king crab in your market, Nims offers great ideas for substitutions. Readers will also learn about the history of Northwest crabbing, differences among species, time-saving techniques, details on crab festivals, and where to find more information.

Watch for upcoming books in this great series as Nims celebrates the foods that the Northwest does best – the specialties that have broken the boundaries of regional cooking. And in the meantime, think “Crab”