Crave Me (Forbidded, #5) Amy Brent Author

Crave Me (Forbidded, #5) Amy Brent Author
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LilyI have a secret.My boyfriend, Brian, hasn’t been able to get me off!In fact, no other guy has been able to do that.And then I meet Landon – Landon is gorgeous, rich, filthy and forbidden.And then he tells me that he will take care of me.Can I risk my job, my boyfriend, my very comfortable life for this dirty talking, pantymelting billionaire?I know I want him to love me like no other man has.I promise I will love him like no other woman has.But is it all that simple?LandonI am content with my life.I am a partner at the best law firm, love my work, have loads of respect in the businessworld and….I get to f*ck a new woman every day – no questions asked.I am forty with the stamina of a thirty-year old.And then I meet Lily – Lily is sex over heels, she is gorgeous and charming.I know I crave for her!But I want her to crave me!The question is how do I seduce a woman who has everything!I promise I will!