Craving Carnivore: Simple Servings for Meat Maniacs RK Wyat Author

Craving Carnivore: Simple Servings for Meat Maniacs RK Wyat Author
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Craving Carnivore: Simple Servings for Meat Maniacs is a cookbook dedicated to people who like their meat without side dishes. So whether you’re a hardcore carnivore, only meat-based, or simply enjoy animal products in your diet, Craving Carnivore will inspire you to cook delicious meals that celebrate meat. With 20 recipes ranging from red meat to eggs to seafood to poultry to sauces, you’ll be able to cook delicious food packed with protein. Combining two recipes into a larger meal - for example a Surf & Turf - is also encouraged! Craving Carnivore takes into account that you might be the only carnivore in the house by offering most recipes in a single serving size. This also allows you to easily multiply the recipe to meet the hunger of a larger group as well. To cater to the needs of carnivores do do not enjoy dairy, all the recipes in Craving Carnivore are dairy-free. However, if you do enjoy dairy, feel free to add dairy to any dish you like - for example cheddar over the burgers or mozzarella in the frittata!Most importantly, it is the philosophy of Craving Carnivore that cooking shouldn’t be too difficult. That is why the recipes have been developed to be simple and straightforward, making a carnivorous diet easy and effortless. Have your steak and eat it too!Recipes:Red meats Super tender elk in the oven Incredibly decadent beef rolls Madly mouth-watering meatballs (or burgers) The absolute best beef tenderloin Eggs Tasty egg & bacon cups Seriously addictive egg butter Easy & filling frittata Classic poached egg Seafood Fancy Asian shrimp wok Insanely handy tuna patties Superbly simple wild salmon in the oven Seductively spicy oven roasted calamari Sinfully delicious scallops Such a simple seafood soup Poultry Totally versatile turkey loaf Chic chicken sticks Sauces & Condiments Mayonnaise Aioli Hollandaise Thick dairy free cheesy sauce For more carnivore recipes, head to