Create PROSPERITY: 10 Spiritual Principles for Health, Happiness & Success Lateef Terrell Warnick Author

Create PROSPERITY: 10 Spiritual Principles for Health, Happiness & Success Lateef Terrell Warnick Author
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We are not simply attractors… we are Creators!All ancient scripture tell us we are made in the image of an Intelligent Creator yet that Spirit doesn?t need to attract anything… It merely creates what it chooses to experience; we likewise have the same ability!Most are familiar with the concept of karma, you reap what you sow, what goes around comes around and so on. Unlike The Secret, Abraham-Hicks, Chicken Soup for the Soul and the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success which do a pretty good job of scratching the surface of the Law of Attraction; this isn’t your bubble gum metaphysics. This book was written for the sincere Truth Seeker that places Self-Realization first and foremost. Upon finding the Eternal Treasure within, lasting prosperity is a natural result and not merely a measure of your material possessions.This book reveals 10 Essential yet subtle Universal Principles that will help you not only create prosperity but think positively, live harmoniously, find happiness, nurture good health, find your calling and live a meaningful life!But first let?s understand the world is becoming a much smaller place. Technology, media, politics and economies from across the world have the ability to affect our every day lives. Jobs are scarcer, costs higher, incomes and property values lower and unless the entire global economy collapses, we have to figure out how to best navigate through it all to survive and even more challengingly - PROSPER!Most Law of Attraction books written to date tend to fall short of hitting the target for helping the reader succeed.As a Licensed Financial Advisor, former Naval Officer, Metaphysician & life-long Yogi, this is the first book of its kind to bring together spiritual wisdom, financial expertise, quantum physics, neuroscience and success strategies to help you truly make a shift!Many of us have been erroneously taught that prosperity is all about an abundance of money, when in fact, all successful entrepreneurs will attest their success was mostly in part to ?giving? something of value to others. Hence, Lateef has created an acronym for P.R.O.S.P.E.R.I.T.Y., virtually redefining it to help remind us:PRINCIPLE REASONS OPTIMISTIC SERVICE PRODUCES EXPONENTIAL RICHNESS INEVITABLY THROUGH YOU!Many of today?s ?Law of Attraction? books suggest a fairytale doctrine that merely sitting back, thinking positive and dreaming of riches, health & love will create them. Most, however, tend to leave out a vital requirement in manifesting your dreams and that?s ? a significant degree of willpower! All thoughts have creative power and energy but it is the willpower that is the catalyst that brings our positive thoughts into fruition. This book reveals the underlying principles that draw a desire into a thought; a thought into a creative vision; a creative vision into energy in motion; and of course energy in motion manifests via the senses as a real life experience!Successful skills of leadership, time management, organization, communication, networking and people skills is what is required of the body. An in-depth knowledge base, creativity, concentration, vision and wisdom are necessary of the mind. Having a balanced, loving, compassionate, generous, abundant and in-tune soul is vital to produce the fulfillment and joy we all seek!This book provides 10 Universal Principles for you to incorporate to help you prosper in body, mind & soul. Some people may appear to get ahead by ?breaking the rules? such as a Bernie Madoff but these so-called ?success? stories are always short-lived. Learn through ancient wisdom how to create prosperity without sacrificing health, family, friends or your personal integrity!Many rivers… One Ocean; many branches… One Tree; many paths… One Destination; many stories… One Truth!