Creating add-ons for Blender Michel Anders Author

Creating add-ons for Blender Michel Anders Author
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This primer on writing Blender add-ons aims to be short an sweet and pretty fast paced. This means that we cover quite a lot of concepts in a short time but I have provided links to additional information where relevant.You also need to have some experience in writing Python programs but other than that you will find that writing Blender add-ons is surprisingly simple. Almost anything is possible due to the large amount of built-in functionality available from within Python and this huge collection of classes and functions might be a little bewildering to navigate but the basics of a Blender add-on are easy to grasp in just a few hours.In this primer you will start with an almost trivial add-on and work your way to a full fledged add-on that manipulates meshes and is fully integrated with Blender own graphical user interface, complete with user configurable properties and custom icons.