Crossing Over The Golden Bridge Gaetane Ricke Author

Crossing Over The Golden Bridge Gaetane Ricke Author
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My suspicions regarding the church’s corruption became a reality when one of my brothers mentioned it to me. While working in the church’s basement, the workers found skeletons of people who had been buried, says Gaetane R Campbell. Adding to this story, she found out more and more of her friends had lost their faith in God due to the false doctrine of the Catholic Church.For these reasons, she was compelled to share a few of her spiritual experiences and the problems she had to go through to find her relationship with God without religion.She has written many verses of the Bible to simplify the reading and give the readers some interest in checking my claims.There is a Heaven, and there is a Hell, and there will be a choice one will have to make to decide where one wants to spend their eternity. Once you accept Christ, there is no sin big enough that God would not forgive you. Some influential men of the Bible committed atrocious sins, but they were forgiven once they repented. There is a way, without religion, to communicate with God; He is alive, and He does answer prayers once your heart is right with Him.She shares her experiences in the book to let the readers know there is a way for internal happiness with the true God. We, humans, are confused because we are continuously bombarded with misinformation; we are constantly in conflict with the unknown; it is a mental battle with two spiritual forces, Good and Evil, that we can’t see…but are there.