Daring Dill 4.5 Oz Gourmet Artisan Spice Blend Easy Real Whole Food Fast Organic Seasoning Mix Dip Salad Dressing

Daring Dill 4.5 Oz Gourmet Artisan Spice Blend Easy Real Whole Food Fast Organic Seasoning Mix Dip Salad Dressing
Categories: Soups, Sea Food
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“Late Summer Dill with Luscious Tomato & a Mustard Zing” Gorgeous dressings, perfect seafood, savory sauces, “10 minute” gourmet pastas. 100% natural, handcrafted artisan blends of veggies, herbs & spices are simply delicious… in salads, soups, veggies, meats, fish, tofu, eggs, potatoes, breads or on the barbeque. Daring Dill is truly our most sophisticated Blend full of great dill flavour followed by a hint of fresh tomato & a hot mustard finish. Lovely on veggies, chicken or fish. Excellent for vinaigrette dressings & creamy sauces. Delightful! Our Medi size 4.5oz Daring Dill Eco Gourmet Spice Blend will make 20 generous pasta bowl dinners with a rich gorgeous real cream sauce or a decadently divine clear sauce. Our subtle & sophisticated salad dressings with rich & creamy, fat-free yogurt or balsamic vinegar options are dynamite. INGREDIENTS: herbs &spices, dried tomato & onion, unbleached raw turbinado sugar, natural sea salt. Our Kitchens blend products with legumes, nuts, dairy, wheat & other known allergens. We conscientiously clean between all batches with our allergenic loved ones in mind. Everything is Made with Love with 100% natural, Non GMO, non-irradiated ingredients. We work hard to source RAW & organic fair-trade ingredients direct from small organic farmers often & everything we create is made lovingly by real human hands. A gift for the spirit & a real blessing of the Earth. Made with Love products are Earth Safe: natural, hand-crafted, 100% Plastic-Free & sourced from the healthiest ingredients with the long-term health of our bodies & planet in mind. Made with Love Artisan Spice Blends Master the Art of Simple Gourmet Cooking! Each flavour can be used with our “Simple Seven Recipes” to make Artisan Magic Meals in minutes. Just mix 2 Tbsp Spice Blend with a couple fresh ingredients to make a simply delicious: Roasted Oven Dinners Risotto or Whole Grain Hot Pot Gourmet Pasta & Sauce -Creamy or Clear - regular or gluten free! Magic 5 Minute Stir-fry or Skillet Dinner Delectable Dip or Spread - dairy or vegan Creamy or Vinaigrette Salad Dressing Marinade or Grill Rub Sprinkle on soups, veggies, chicken, meat, fish, tofu, eggs, potato, bread or on the barbeque. Make magic gourmet “10 minute” pasta bowl dinners with rich gorgeous real cream sauce or decadently divine clear sauce. Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Vegetarian & Meat recipe options all included. Excellent Reviews “As I open the box, LOVE in the form of dried flowers & hearts spill out… truly…an Experience. If you want to send some love to your friends, this is how you do it.” “YUmmmmmm! Thanks!!” “Very delicious!” “Tasty as always, thank you guys so much!” " …the best veggie dip… people go nuts for it. It is so easy to make… Can’t live without sprinkling it on my chicken or potatoes before roasting them. Delicious!" “Spices arrive every month beautifully packaged & the person I gifted them to loves them! Each month she says it’s her new favourite. Will give