Dark Elves | Spearmen Forest Dragon 10mm

Dark Elves | Spearmen Forest Dragon 10mm
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Gray
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This kit is consisting of: ▪ 2 x Command group strip ▪ 5 x Warrior strips Scale: 10mm (height of the human miniature is roughly 10mm measured from feet to the level of eyes). Assembly: This kit does not need assembly. Supports: This kit will be delivered to you with all supports still attached to the miniature. You will have to clean them by yourself. Please also read hereafter. Production technology: 3D print with UV resin Postprocessing: All miniatures are washed & hardened with UV light ▪ As mentioned above, all miniatures will be delivered to you with supports attached to the miniatures. Supports are the element of 3d printing process & are removable part of the miniature. ▪ If you need to see how many supports are attached to the miniature & evaluate if you can handle with removal of them, please ask me BEFORE you buy them. I’ll send you the 3d renders of miniatures with supports. ▪ No requests for return of the item or refund will be accepted by Realmof3DPrints if you will refer to the matter of supports. ▪ All photos of the items show the actual 3D printed models in quality you’ll receive however supports will be still attached to them. I am licensed to sell physical copies of the miniatures of creator indicated in the title of the offer. ▪ https://www.facebook.com/realmof3dprints ▪ Instagram: @realmof3dprints Dark Elves | Spearmen Forest Dragon 10mm