Decorative Sunflower Blend 2G/50 Organic Seeds - Helianthus Annuus Gmo Free

Decorative Sunflower Blend 2G/50 Organic Seeds - Helianthus Annuus Gmo Free
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Decorative Sunflower Blend 2g / 50 Organic Seeds - Helianthus Annuus GMO FREE Please check out the rest of our shop: Decorative Sunflower Blend - a colorful mixture of varieties - is a seed composition that will make growing cheerful sunflowers easy & fun. Unique patterns painted on the petals & a delicate honey scent luring insects are the endearing features of ornamental sunflowers. Tall & strong, they are like the keepers of the garden with a cheerful disposition. Life form: annual plant, height: 150-250 centimeters. Ornamental sunflowers are vertically stiff plants. Their thick stems rarely branch. Each sunflower seedling will tie a flower at the apex of the shoot. The inflorescences of the offered mixture are 10 to 15 cm in diameter. Like other sunflowers, they consist of tubular flowers clustered in the center. Surrounded by a circle of lingual flowers, commonly known as petals. Sunflower inflorescences are plate-shaped, always facing the sun, which gives them their name. Flower color: a mixture of colors & varieties is the whole range of possible color combinations found on sunflower flower baskets. Yellow, orange, burgundy, shaded, striped, with a light or dark center delight with diversity. Each flower is unique. Flowering period: July - October. Fairly large sunflower leaves are hairy, heart-shaped. They have serrated edges. Sowing date: April - May. Ornamental sunflowers need fertile, well-drained, deeply cultivated soil. They will bloom most beautifully in the sun, or you can offer them a semi-shaded place. Decorative sunflower seeds are sown in nests at intervals of 20-30 cm. Ornamental sunflowers are plants that provide an ideal background for lower species planted in flower beds. They look great as living screens & covers for less attractive places. They are recommended for sowing near walls & fences. Sunflower flowers can be cut into a vase. Sunflowers are plants that always add to the aquatic, cozy atmosphere in the garden. Associated with the landscape of the countryside, they enchant with the naturalness of baskets in shades of gold. Decorative sunflower is a plant that does not stand cold. Decorative Sunflower Blend 2G/50 Organic Seeds - Helianthus Annuus Gmo Free