Detox Tea Blend Gift Set Holistic Herbal Tea For Body Detoxification & Infuser

Detox Tea Blend Gift Set Holistic Herbal Tea For Body Detoxification & Infuser
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Gift Set of 2 body & skin wellness & detoxification, holistic herbal tea blends plus tea infuser. Organic, Vegan & Paleo. Choose any two flavors of Elixirium’s Detox Tea Blends & get them in a gift box along with a stainless steel brewing tea infuser. Each Tea Blend packaging contains 100 gr | 3,5 oz of loose leaf organic tea & herbs which can brew about 50 cups of tea. CHOOSE BETWEEN : BEAUTIFUL HELEN : GREEN TEA flavour combined with CINNAMON, PEELED POMEGRANATE, CARDAMOM, ORANGE, APPLE, CLOVE, PINK PEPPER & CORIANDER. A really aromatic blend that will drive your taste to the mythical era of Troyan war. DRAGON BREATH : a hot & spicy mix of RED ROOIBOS TEA, CARDAMOM, CINNAMON, CLOVER & PINK PEPPER. AUTUMN LEAVES : GREEN TEA flavour combined with APPLE, ORANGE PEEL, CINNAMON, ROSE PETALS & CLOVE. LITTLE PRINCE TEA BLEND : a delightful herbal brew with a mix of ROSEHIP, HIBISCUS, MANGO, HIPOPHAE, PAPAYA, APPLE, ORANGE, ELDERFLOWER, JUNIPER, ROSE PETALS, SUNFLOWER, CALENDULA & CORNFLOWER. CHRISTMAS TEA : a festive & rejuvenating blend of GREEN TEA combined perfectly with CINNAMON, CLOVER, GINGER, ORANGE PEELS, ORANGE FLOWERS, ALMOND FILLET & CALENDULA. You may have heard it before but it is so true - beauty starts from inside. Decrease of our body hydration as well as our native production of free radicals are major factors for our skin to look worn down, wrinkled & aged. There is no better, no more natural way to fight all these, than treat yourself with an everyday indulgence of drinking a cup of organic detox tea herbal blend. The anti-oxidant, anti-ageing & anti-inflammatory properties present in tea & herbs helps keep your skin healthy & glowing. ea contains caffeine & is super-rich in catechins & polyphenols, two antioxidants that are known to fight acne & ageing. Herbal tea such as Roibos, hibiscus, calendula, cardamom or fruits like pomegranate, orange, passion fruit or papaya, even spices like pink pepper, cilantro, clove or cinnamon & numerous other herbal ingredients, apart from their delightful aromas, would promote your body health & skin beauty with the most natural way. Enjoying them hot or cold, ELIxIRIUM’s DETOx TEA BLENDS are solely containing 100% natural loose leaf ingredients, dried herbs, dried fruits & spices. They are combined & handmade having in mind the absolute pleasure of our taste buds but in the same time the most effective detoxification of our bodies, taking away all noxious substances that could harm our health & beauty. All ELIxIRIUM organic products are 100% handmade. Each of the formulas i use, is carefully mastered & perfected after a long trial & error process, in order to meet my standards of effectiveness. All ingredients are all natural & no chemical additives are used in any step of the production process. Check out all ELIxIRIUM DETOx TEA BLENDS at : I N S T R U C T I O N S Ideally preheat your tea mug. Heat fresh water, never water that has

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