Diy Gourmet Popcorn Kit - Herbaceous Blend Mix

Diy Gourmet Popcorn Kit - Herbaceous Blend Mix
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DIY GOURMET POPPING KIT Having a party? How about a movie night? A special treat for you or the kids? Now you can make Karen’s Artisan Popcorn fresh & HOT off the stove at home! It’s organic & it’s crazy delicious! My DIY kit cooks up about 70-80 cups of popcorn, so you’ll have lots to cook with whenever you need it!! It’s makes a great gift, or the perfect way to make treats for lunch box snacks, party favors & more! You get one pound of my Gourmet Popcorn Mix & one pouch of my signature Herbaceous Blend Artisan Popcorn Topping. I’ve even included my signature kettle-cooking recipe instructions for you! Now you can really get that Karen’s Artisan Popcorn flavor at home! HERBACEOUS BLEND TOPPING A savory & incredibly delicious popcorn creation, Herbaceous Blend is my ORIGINAL FLAVOR flavor! No one is ever disappointed when they taste this gourmet recipe. in fact, this is the flavor that started it all for my business! For years, people told me I needed to sell this crowd-pleaser, even my elementary & preschool students! You’ll taste a perfect balance of herbs, spices & sea salt, to produce that taste that pleases every palate. It also tastes amazing in dips, on salads, as a meat rub, on pasta, on rice, with eggs & pretty much anything else you can think of. It’s a great must have for anyone who loves to cook & of course to make popcorn! GOURMET POPCORN KERNEL MIX - 100% LOCAL POPCORN The most amazing ingredient I use are the popcorn kernels themselves. I have a partnership with local farmers which allows me to gather different types of popcorn kernels. I’ve created my own exceptional gourmet mix using five types, each adding their own sumptuous flavor & texture: nutty red, crisp white, crunchy blue, fluffy yellow & buttery black, yum! I feel so fortunate to be able to get all of my popcorn right here in Vermont & Quebec. Big thanks to the local farmers who grow these heavenly varieties: Steve & Loraine at Tullochgorum Farm, Allen at Pop Hero Popcorn & Geo at Hurricane Flats Farm!! EXCEPTIONAL INGREDIENTS I seek out top-quality organic ingredients (no pesticides or preservatives here!). A happy outcome from this is that every product also happens to be naturally whole-grain, non-GMO, vegan & gluten-free. Who-hoo! Incredibly scrumptious & good for you! Made with artisan love & care. Allergen Information: Made in a facility that also handles dairy, eggs, seafood, peanuts, wheat & tree nuts. HOW IT’S PACKAGED Each bag of Artisan Popcorn Topping is thoughtfully packaged in a heat-sealed, zip-top stand-up pouch. The label lists all the organic ingredients & measure 4 x 1 x 6" & weighs 1.5 oz- 3.5 oz, depending on the flavor. Each bag of kernels is packaged in a heat-sealed bag to keep your popcorn fresh for up to 3 years! Our fun & graphic label lists all the product information. Store any remaining popcorn in an air-tight container in a cool dry place to keep the kernels moisture content stable until the next time you cook. IS IT A GIFT? Take a look