Dollhouse Mixer/Blender

Dollhouse Mixer/Blender
Categories: Soup Mixes, Soup mix
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Green
8.89 USD
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Dollhouse mixer / blender, Lundby size. Lundby lady is showing size & is not included to price. You can find this blender also on blue,pink & white from my shop. Please notice that Etsy shows shipping prices wrongly on most cases, you are able to find correct shipping prices below. I’m always refunding overpaid shipping costs. Untracked package prices in euros € (Finnish post office pricing) TO EUROPE WEIGHT MAx (including UK, Norway & Switzerland): 250g (0,55lbs) 9,40, - 500g (1,10lbs) 15,00, - 1000g (2,20lbs) 21,50, - 1500g (3,30lbs) 30,50, - OUTSIDE OF EUROPE WEIGHT MAx (Finnish post office pricing): 250g (0,55lbs) 15,00, - 500g (1,10lbs) 25,50, - 1000g (2,20lbs) 42,00,- 1500g (3,30lbs) 54,00, - Dollhouse Mixer/Blender